Prozym Toothpaste Kit

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Prozym Toothpaste Kit


Daily brushing with Prozym Toothpaste helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums in dogs and cats, fight plaque and tartar, and freshen pet/s breath.

Bad breath in dogs and cats can be a sign of dental disease. The exclusive active ingredient RF2 in Prozym Toothpaste eliminates biofilm caused by the bacteria in the mouth of dogs. Biofilm is the first stage of dental plaque, so treating it early can prevent more serious problems. RF2 also re-establishes bacterial balance in the mouth.


Palatable poultry flavoured toothpaste containing RF2


Apply a small amount of Prozym Toothpaste onto the finger brush. Gently brush your pet’s teeth.

Introduce a dental hygiene regimen by massaging the teeth and gums with your finger while praising and reassuring the animal. Once accustomed to massage, put a dab of Prozym Toothpaste on your finger and repeat the exercise. Once this is established, you can introduce the use of the included finger brush.


65mL toothpaste in easy-to-use toothpaste dispenser
1 soft bristled finger brush


Keep the package firmly closed and store in a cool and dry place.

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